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How to Apply for the Small Project Grants Program


The Spirit of Big Five Foundation believes that small grants placed in the hands of hard working and effective organizations can make a huge difference. It is focused on providing small grants (from $3000-$10,000) annually to projects and organizations that demonstrate:

  • Successful community development, support for nature conservation, promote environmentally sensitive operations, and help to safeguard cultural heritage - all consistent with the principles of sustainable tourism.
  • The Spirit of Big Five Foundation will consider funding support to projects from a range of different countries and regions of the world. We are giving special consideration to the following countries where Big Five Tours & Expeditions operates: Belize, Botswana, Ecuador, India, Kenya, Peru, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia.

For complete criteria or additional information, please contact us: (800) 244 3483, ext 2214; or email us, info@spiritofbigfive.org.

If you feel your project or organization fits within the guidelines, please fill out the form below and submit. We will then review your request and reply directly to you.

Please note: Spirit of Big Five Foundation accepts only invited grant proposals, after we have read your letter of interest and requested you submit a specific proposal.

Please use the form below:

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Region / Location
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