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Spirit of Big Five Foundation Joins Haiti Relief Effort

Spirit of Big Five Foundation Joins Haiti Relief Effort

The Spirit of Big Five Foundation, the nonprofit arm of Big Five Tours & Expeditions, joined with The Bodhi Tree Foundation, the nonprofit division of JG Blackbook, to support the Edeyo Foundation, which is working on the ground in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, with medical and mental health programs and nutritional support for families and children affected by the recent earthquake.

The Edeyo Foundation has a history of lending aid in Haiti, including the 2007 opening of École du Bel-Air in one of Port Au Prince’s poorest slums. The school was a refuge for the neighborhood’s children, a guarantee of safety and a warm meal. It served as a symbol of hope and promise to the children of Bel-Air, who have lived in the shadow of abject poverty, political unrest, natural disasters, food shortages and gang violence. Today the school, which had grown to support over 300 boys and girls, stands in ruins, destroyed by the earthquake. The mission of the Edeyo Foundation is to rebuild Haiti, including École du Bel-Air, from the ground up, and to educate and empower a new generation of Haitians.

The Spirit of Big Five, a 501(3)c nonprofit organization, seeks to support small, well-targeted groups and organizations in the fields of conservation, poverty alleviation, education and healthcare in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. For more information about the foundation, call 800-244 3483, ext. 2214, or visit www.spiritofbigfive.org.

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