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Blind Foundation for India

Blind Foundation for India

More than 13 million people in India are blind; two million of them are children. With the knowledge and equipment now available, up to 80 percent of blindness cases are curable or preventable. Big Five has worked with the Blind Foundation for India since1989. The company funded the acquisition of an especially equipped SUV as well as a mobile ophthalmic van, one of a fleet of 65 such vehicles that are used throughout India in free outreach “eye camps.” Through these camps, medical teams have subsequently restored sight to more than 40,000 individuals, and have examined and treated more than 500,000 people. They have also distributed more than 5,000 Braille and mathematics kits to blind children in all Indian states.

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251 people treated for by our donation

The Blind Foundation for India has provided 81 mobile vans to eye hospitals to do outreach eye camps. Additinally, medial
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