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2015 Nepal Earthquake Aid

2015 Nepal Earthquake Aid

The Spirit of Big Five Foundation believes that when travelers unite, they can create a powerful force for good. Today, we need that force for good to come together and help the people of Nepal. The staggering loss of life in Nepal is compounded by the tragic loss of their cultural heritage through the massive destruction of ancient temples, monasteries and monuments in Kathmandu.

The Spirit of Big Five Foundation stands ready to assist the people of Nepal through local grass roots relief efforts. We are supporting local and international NGOs with boots on ground to aid in Nepal's recovery by providing emergency care to victims of this horrible disaster, and to aid in rebuilding infrastructure once the immediate crisis has passed.

Should you wish to join us in this effort to help the people of Nepal, the Spirit of Big Five Foundation welcomes your tax deductible donations; in return, you have our longstanding commitment that 100% of any and all donations received by the foundation go directly to the vetted charities in Nepal that we support in the recovery efforts including, among others:


Seva Foundation: We have worked with Seva for many years and they have a well-established track record for success.. They are providing relief and rehabilitation efforts in response to the devastating damage done throughout Nepal. With over three decades of experience working in Nepal, Seva has an extensive network of clinics and partner hospitals located throughout the country, including near the epicenter.


American Nepal Medical Foundation: In this emergency, ANMF is targeting emergency medical relief and supplies to remote areas of Nepal heavily damaged by the earthquake.  They have teams providing surgical/medical and orthopedic supplies; medications for direct use by patients who are unable to pay and are receiving services at Bir Hospital, Kathmandu; they are purchasing 1,000 tents immediately for displaced victims are now bearing the brunt of nature on multiple fronts – firstly from the earthquake that destroyed their houses and now they are struggling to live under open skies as the chilly rains have started. They will also purchase an additional 10,000 tents. Supplies in Nepal are running low and their team is working round the clock to identify reliable suppliers from around the region.


You can donate to Nepal relief efforts by using the "Donate Now" icon. The people of Nepal need our help urgently, and the Spirit of Big Five is ready to act.


Together we can make a huge difference.

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