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Veerayatan was founded more than 30 years ago in Bihar, India to help provide for some of the poorest of India’s citizens through medical care and education. Big Five has worked with this organization since 1998. A non-profit organization, the Veerayatan Center is home to a modern, world-class eye hospital and orthopedic center. The 52,600-square-foot facility has 150 beds for eye patients and 50 beds for polio victims.  Visiting and resident volunteer doctors have performed almost 112,000 eye operations, and carried out more than 727,000 outpatient procedures. Doctors and staff have also helped more than 2,500 polio patients. The center’s mobile van takes food and medical care into more than 1,358 villages.

Education is fundamental to Veerayatan, which is based on the principles of the Jain religion. It has established several primary education and vocational training centers throughout the region of Kutch, India that serve the needs of more than 10,000 students annually. The centers rely on volunteers, both resident and international, to fulfill a broad range of tasks from teaching and fieldwork to administration and communications.  Three permanent Veerayatan sites are currently established in Bihar, Pune, and Bhuj. A fourth permanent location in Kutch, nearly completed, was established following a devastating earthquake that destroyed much of the area in 2001, including most of the schools. The center now teaches 5,600 students, mostly from very poor families.

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Bihar Flood Relief Work

The flooding of the Koshi left eight districts of Bihar State severely affected, namely Supaul, and Saharsa, with more than
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