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Bihar Flood Relief Work

The flooding of the Koshi left eight districts of Bihar State severely affected, namely Supaul, and Saharsa, with more than 800 villages damaged and over 5,000,000 people affected. There were uncountable losses of animal lives and the harsh destruction of many farms and properties.  

Relief Work: The distribution of food, clean water, clothes, blankets, medicines etc. in affected areas has been put into effect, as well as the establishment of health centers and Stop Gap Schools with the distribution of study materials, uniforms, school kits, and nutritious meals for children. Daily prayer sessions in relief camps for regaining strength and mental peace for the victims has been set up additional to the arrangement of tents for immediate shelter.

Rehabilitation Work: The reconstruction of flood affected and damaged schools have been a priority for the foundation, as well as the establishment of self employment opportunities and special vocational training courses related to rehabilitation for victims. There has been construction of houses, medical centers and other amenities for rehabilitation of flood affected people and the creation of ‘safe zones’ for protection in case of future disasters. To help the locals with their immediate needs, there has been installation of hand pumps for safe drinking water and the donation of many cows and buffaloes to the farmers for agricultural restoration.

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