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Through its community education outreach program SEA has been carrying out projects in all the schools in the villages. SEA has given presentations on the biodiversity of the reef and coast, conducted summer school for children of the communities and carried out field trips to Laughing Bird Caye for both adults and students of SEA's villages. Staff is also facilitating environmental clubs in each of the schools by working with adults in each village to assist the teacher in carrying out club projects. SEAbelize has also provided training to fishermen in more sustainable livelihoods. SEA has trained local residents in SCUBA to Dive Master-level certification, fly-fishing, and whale-shark tour guiding.

 SEA has made considerable strides in developing its conservation infrastructure, including:

Trained and Equipped Rangers to Monitor Protected Areas: Rangers man a fleet of SEA boats to carry out their enforcement duties. Most of our rangers are trained as Belize Fisheries Officers and are all PADI-certified. Often they dive with the biologists to help them count fish, lobster, conch, or coral. They also assist with installation of moorings and other buoys. Outfitted with the basic gear required to do the job - radios, dive gear, and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) units - their reassuring presence is felt as soon as visitors venture inside their zone of protection.

Ranger Station and Research Center: As a base for its operations on the world-renowned Belize Barrier Reef, a designated World Heritage Site, SEA Belize acquired a majority ownership in Little Water Caye, a small caye strategically close to both Reserves. SEA constructed a solid and beautiful ranger station, educational facility, tourist facilities, and a 300-foot pier.

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